What Moves You?


I am an artist. My personal style is not a creative whim. It has been intentionally developed to be a loose, expressive method that allows me to interpret the emotion and movement of the moment. Some call it contemporary impressionism. But I call my painterly style, representational expressionism.

My objective? To create art that expresses feeling and engages the heart. I have endeavored to hone my craft in such a way as to resonate on an emotional, visceral level. With any drawing, painting, or collage, my goal is to invite the viewer into a moment in time. Sometimes it’s the power and movement, and other times it’s an iconic gesture. Another instance might be the swirling of color and light as cool blue shadows are cast across warm green grass. These moments resonate in my mind … and provoke once again, fascination, awe and wonder.

To that end, I fully utilize all the tools available to me: camera, canvas, paint, paper, found objects and a host of materials in my studio. I love what I do and have fun doing it.  And I often break the rules. My playful process allows me to convey the emotion that a moment invoked in me. I have been a professional artist, illustrator and Creative Director for nearly three decades. I have a commitment to never stop learning and to never ever stop growing. From Russia to India to Africa, I have created art and garnered more than 100 local, national and international awards. My tools of trade are the aggregate of my experiences... the storehouse of a lifetime of insatiable curiosity. Traditional expression and contemporary abstraction and a generous blend of the two. I find unconventional connections between ideas and repeatedly traverse from the left to the right side of my brain to persuade through a compelling point of view; to tell a good story.  My skills are my ability to wield the emotional force of color and scale and to unleash the power of dynamic tension. I see with my heart and I paint with my hands, but I always, always, always have a passion to move you. 

That is also the power of competitive sports. And it is an appropriate staging ground for my free expression. I invite you to browse, dream, create and imagine with me, and above all, enjoy the process.

If you have an interest in one of my pieces or even a custom sports painting, let's connect. Email me at splester@msn.com and I will be happy to discuss sizes, media and pricing.